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Empowering Digital Transformation for Banks and Insurance Companies

Enabling Future-Ready Financial Products


Image by Hal Gatewood

Payment Workflow

Supports domestic & cross boarder payments.

Supports integration to third-party systems.

A document repository and notifications hub.

Compliant to regulations and standards.


Image by Milad Fakurian

Invoice Financing for MSMEs

Enable Micro, Small & Medium Corporates to access funding. 

Provide to Enterprises a huge base of supplier, enable competitive prices.

Low-risk, No-risk. Bank finance MSM based on the buyer's risk.

The tool need to foster for Local Content.


Image by Shubham Dhage

Biller Hub

An API based suite that orchestrates biller's invoice presentation and payment.

Enable bank's to maintain a consistent client experience within all channels.

Every change on biller's side, banks aren't impacted. We do the required work to adapt to the changes.

An API Marketplace to enable banks to rapidly adapt to changes.

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